Vital King - elixir of male power!                           100% natural & no side effects!

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10 bottles x 100 pills       in an exclusive     GIFT BOX 

100% natural
No side effects
Strong erections
Improves sexual virility

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Vital King is  made of the highest quality Red Korean Ginseng and medicinal herbs (garlic, lingzhi mushroom, black pepper, corn starch, watermelon) mixed in the most ideal ratio and produced under strict quality control. Vital King has no side effects and gives no strain to your iliver like many other drugs for erectile dysfunction. Vital King is a SUPER HEALTH FOOD that invigorates your stamina, strengthens your physical constitution, rejuvenates body by running your circulatory system smoothly. Suitable for diabetics. Improves urination and kidney function.Great for general well being. 

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 bottle per day any time of the dayat least 1 - 4 hours before sexual activity . Effect of Vital King lasts for at least 24-72 hours and for continuous use should be taken every 3 days. Suitable for diabetics. Improves urination and kidney function. 

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